Stop Feeling Tired – Do These Things to Boost Your Energy

Let’s admit, not many of us would say we have all the energy we want.  While we may not have endless amounts of energy like a 3 year old running around and bouncing off walls we can do specific things that will help our bodies feel more alive and energized throughout the day.  Here are some great tips on giving your energy levels a kickstart.

  1. Exercise, exercise, exercise!  You don’t have to hit the gym for 2 hours every day to achieve a healthy exercise level.   Studies have shown that a brisk 10 minute walk can boost your energy for up to 2 hours afterwards and longer if done every day the window of energy increases.  Not only does it help your energy level but it helps you be in a better mood.  Get out and walk!
  2. Take a nap.  O.k. I understand with busy schedules this may not be possible.  If you can’t take a nap then make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night.  Nothing can make you feel more tired than not getting enough sleep.
  3. Eat Breakfast.  Yes, your mother was right.  Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.  Your body needs fuel to start the day.  Don’t deny your body a chance to get off to a good start.
  4. Drinking water.  What?  Yes, Water.  Even a slight dehydration can make your body feel fatigued.  Also, thirst can often be associated with hunger.  Drinking the water will not only help you feel more awake but it helps you feel full.
  5. Healthy snacks – Don’t just eat 3 meals per day.  Space out your eating by eating smaller meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then eat a couple of healthy snacks in between.  This will keep your engine running all day.  Preferably eat a piece of fruit paired with some protein like cheese or nuts.
  6. Cut back on the drinks.  Alcohol will zap you quicker than anything.  There’s nothing wrong with a glass of wine at night but don’t be throwing back drinks.  Alcohol will dehydrate you faster than anything.
  7. Drink a cup of coffee.  The original energy drink.  Coffee will help you get your engines running.  Stay away from the heavy cream and sugar.  If you can’t stand black then use a little milk.

There you go.  7 tips to boost your energy.  One for every day of the week.  Start with one and add one each day.  By the end of the week you’ll be zipping along like you were a teenager again!

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Here’s To Your Health

Dr. K Bennett