Look Out for the SALT!

If you’ve been alive in the past 30 years you’ve probably heard it time and time again from health experts and doctors alike “cut your sodium intake!”.  Salt, the evil additive that makes things taste so good.  While most of us think that cutting salt means leaving the salt shaker in the pantry, you might be surprised that the high levels of sodium in our diet is not due to the salt shaker.  It has more to do with the salt that is already in the food we eat.

Here is a list of the “6 High Salty Foods” to avoid if possible.

  1. Bread and Rolls – WHAT!?  Yes, bread and rolls contain up to 230 milligrams of sodium.  The recommended limit of sodium per day is 1,500 milligrams.  Unfortunately most of us intake as much as 3,400 milligrams per day.  So you can see how quickly a few rolls or pieces of bread per day can hit your limit pretty fast.
  2. Cold cuts or cured meats – This one should come as no surprise.  Pre-packaged turkey can have as much as 1,050 mg of sodium.
  3. Pizza – Oh, how we love our pizza.  But did you know 1 slice can have as much as 760 mg of sodium.  Two pieces and you are done for the day when it comes to appropriate sodium levels.
  4. Poultry – Raw chicken has an added salt solution to help preserve it.  Three ounces of frozen chicken nuggets has about 600 mg of salt.  Ouch!
  5. Soup – Again, here’s a tricky one.  We think of soup as a healthy meal.  One bowl of chicken noodle soup has about 940 mg of sodium.  That’s almost a full day’s worth of sodium in one bowl.  Look out eating too much soup in the winter.
  6. Sandwiches – If you read #1 and #2 on this list then this is a no brainer.  Add the two together and you’ll get a sodium busting meal.   One sandwiched and you are doomed for the day.

So what can you do about it?

Keep in mind that a high sodium diet can lead to many health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

When grocery shopping keep these foods in mind.  Instead of eating a whole sandwich, replace it with half and eat a salad or snack on some veggies.  Moderation is key.  While it’s difficult to ask someone to cut out all these foods, try to not eat them as often.   Look at the labels on the food when you shop and keep the recommended daily amount in mind.

Here’s to Your Health

Dr. K Bennett


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