Is Drinking Coffee Good For Your Health?

The Magic Bean, Black Gold, The Giver of Life, Liquid Sunshine….we’ve all heard the names coffee lovers affectionately give their favorite morning beverage.  We know these people, and maybe you are one of them.  You think you can’t function or start doing any work in the morning without your cup of java.  The question is, is coffee good for your health?

According to new information from Harvard University, drinking coffee in moderation may actually lower your risk for heart failure.  So there’s some good news for all you coffee lovers out there.  However, be careful when consuming your morning coffee.  The study also found that drinking more than two cups of coffee per day actually decreased the benefit and eventually went away.

Heart failure is a major factor on health in the United States.   According to the CDC there are about 5.8 million people that suffer from heart failure.  This is where the heart just can’t pump enough blood to the body to function properly.   Not only does coffee seem to help with heart failure, but the studies have shown it helps with Parkinsons disease, type 2 diabetes, and liver cancer, ADHD, obesity, depression, and gallstones.  So, if you don’t drink coffee now you might want to think about giving it a try with your morning routine.

Although these studies do seem to offer hope for people with heart issues, it’s definitely not to be taken as a cure all if you have heart problems.  Most often these studies find links between cause and effect but are not to be taken as a golden rule for health care.

If you are suffering from heart problems or think you might be a candidate for future heart problems, you should seek professional medical advice.  Today’s advanced medicine paired with monitored exercise can greatly benefit people with heart problems.

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Here’s to your health!

Dr. K Bennett