Is Dopamine the Mircale Drug?

How does this sound?

You are super motivated.  You accomplish personal, physical, and financial goals.  Your happier than you’ve been in years.  You are losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.  You start a side business or perhaps you just ran a 10k.  You are in love with your significant other and your relationships with friends are really good.

Who wouldn’t want all these things.  Well, if you have a healthy level of Dopamine, it could be that I’m describing you.  That’s right, Dopamine is a chemical that is present in your body as a neurotransmitter.  It was previously known as the “pleasure chemical” but now doctors are discovering it’s ability to help motivate you.  Studies have shown that those “go getter” people actually have higher levels of Dopamine.  Not only did the higher levels of Dopamine give more motivation to accomplish tasks, but it increased levels of happiness in the individual.

Conversely, people with low levels of Dopamine were linked to Parkinson’s Disease, other neurological issues, and ADHD.

While there are some foods that naturally raise levels of Dopamine in your body, it’s not advised to try and manipulate the levels on your own.  If you think you might have low levels of Dopamine, consult your physician for options on achieving healthy levels.

Who knows.  You might get the right level Dopamine and then conquer the world!

Here’s to Your Health

Dr. K Bennett