Detecting Cancer Before It Strikes

As we all know cancer is a deadly force in this world.  It kills almost 8 million people every year.  It comes in various forms….bladder, prostate, breast, lung, skin, etc.  Chances are if you are reading this blog you know someone who has either had cancer or who has died of cancer.

We all long for the day when we can effectively rid this horrible disease from our world.  Until then we do the best we can with the technology and knowledge we have.  Some good news comes this week with the announcement of new sensors that lets doctors detect warning signs of cancer before a person even has it.

Scientist at Drexel University have discovered “diving board” sensors that help clinicians detect harmful toxins, bacteria, and types of cancer from simple blood and urine tests.  These tiny vibrating sensors give quick and accurate test of the DNA for suspect agents that could end up growing inside the individual.   The example given was that of catching a criminal with a fingerprint match rather than a mugshot.  We all know how accurate fingerprints can be when trying to identify someone.  In the same manner these tests can identify potentially harmful bacteria and cells.

To describe to you how this technology works would probably make you stop reading this blog post.  Just know that the technology is awesome.  It is very accurate and reliable.  It has already detected DNA indicators for prostate cancer in urine samples.  That is the good news.  We are on the verge of catching this deadly monster before it rears its ugly head.  The bad news is we are still 3-5 years away before this technology becomes commercially available.

In the meantime you can help yourself and your loved ones by getting regular checkups by a certified physician.  Remember early detection and prevention is half the battle.

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Dr. K Bennett